Easter Mediterranean

Unspoiled Beauty & Dazzling Beaches


A thriving luxury charter destination, the natural beauty, warm weather and thriving culture of Croatia has been drawn in visitors for thousands of years. Its dazzling coastline, filled with dense hillsides, lush vineyards and olive groves, is a world-class cruising destination. Offering some of the brightest and clearest waters in the Mediterranean Sea, dotted with hundreds of untouched islands along the Dalmatian Coast waiting to be explored, it is easy to see why this destination is such an outstanding charter destination. Cruise through the ‘The Magical Land of a Thousand Islands’ and indulge in the luxury charter vacation of a lifetime. 


Historic Heritage & Stunning Coastlines


The perfect juxtaposition of East and West, this gorgeous destination is home to ancient, vibrant cities and quaint, traditional towns. A melting pot of new and old, Turkey is a European, Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan country all in one. With influences from neighbouring Africa, as well as access to the Black and Caspian Sea, there is no other country quite like it in the world. The Turkish isles are home to many UNESCO heritage sites as well as breathtaking, natural beauty. 

Ancient Appeal & Titillating Cuisine


The perfect destination to explore on a private luxury yacht charter, Greece offers visitors endless breathtaking coastlines and beaches. Its beautiful turquoise waters have attracted visitors for centuries, drawn to its untouched islands and hidden bays. The region’s impressive history and rich cultural heritage span more than four millennia, as the country is known as the cradle of Western civilisation. With countless historic cities and white-washed towns to see, among legions of unspoiled nature, Greece is a must-visit summer region to visit via charter yacht. 

Stunning Landscapes & Hidden Tranquility


Cruise through the cerulean waters of this small Balkan country, and take in its marvellous coastline which has inspired poets and artists alike for centuries. A newcomer to the luxury charter destinations list, this region offers the ideal balance between quaint villages, centuries-old architecture and modern amenities. The lush and dense landscapes are covered in green forests and mountains, which by the coastline make way for rocky cliffs with charming towns nestled into the rock sides. Experience its vast historical and rich cuisine offering this summer during a luxury charter yacht.