Corsica & Sardinia

Natural harbour


One of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world, Bonifacio is located at the head of a deep fjord. Take in its steep limestone cliffs surrounded by hills covered in flowers and gaze in awe at the sight of the medieval citadel arising from its many terracotta-roofed houses. One of the most Italian-influenced towns in the area, explore the restored town centre within the ancient city walls before strolling along the cliffs to view its marina.

Old meets new


Explore the many winding cobbled streets surrounding the stunning port of Calvi. Enjoy the view of glistening superyachts and terracotta-roofed houses set against the Corsican mountains before taking in its many historical landmarks, high-end boutiques and refined restaurants. Situated by a world-class marine site, be sure to indulge in some swimming and diving. 

Beautiful beaches


Offering everything the region is known for, from stunning beaches to rugged mountains and luxurious restaurants, Propriano is a must-see destination on any charter through Corsica. Its countless bays are perfect for swimming and diving, with waters so blue and clear one, they inspired Matisse’s obsession with colour. Explore its many villages, ports and fascinating historical sites at your leisurely pace before returning to HAPPY ME for a drink. 

Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte


For those who are fascinated by history, the city of Ajaccio is a must-stop. The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, enjoy exploring its palm-surrounded bay and vibrant marina. Filled with historical sites and museums, it is perfect for history and culture lovers. Foodies will also enjoy taking in its many side street restaurants. 

Hidden gem

Lavezzi Islands

This secluded paradise, consisting of golden sandy shores, crystal clear waters and palm trees, may feel like it is something out of this world. Enjoy exploring the Lavezzi Archipelago, seven isles of granite and reefs in the Strait of Bonifacio, which separates Corsica from Sardinia, before cruising onwards to Sardinia.