Marina village central


Located in the middle part of the bay of Kotor, Tivat is home to Porto Montenegro’s marina village. Seen as the most developed and modern marina in the region, it is the perfect hub to begin any luxury charter through Montenegro. With roots dating as far back as the Roman, Medieval and Venetian era this harbour was turned into an Austrian naval base at the end of the 19th century. Home to various beautiful coves and bays take a hike along Vrmac Ridge from the Trojica fortress to Gornja Lastva before heading off. 

Medieval fortress


A must-see, this stunning medieval fortress town spans far into the mountains. During the evening, the San Giovanni fortress is spectacularly lit up for a breathtaking effect. Previously under Russian, French, and Austrian rules, its architecture is unique. Walk the city walls to the fortress and take in the stunning views of the bay and then take the tunnel to Tivat. 

Oldest settlements


Home to one of the oldest settlements in Montenegro, Rose remains vastly untouched by visitors. Favoured by famous Montenegrins who have holiday houses by its waterfront, this quaint town is the perfect spot to soak up some local culture and cuisine. The local swimming spot, located at Forte Rose, an ancient Austro-Hungarian citadel, is a must-see with a luxurious bar and restaurant. 

Fortified archaeological site.


A busy, modern harbour town with several lovely beaches, Bar houses one of the world’s largest fortified archaeological sites. Also seen as the hub of Montenegro’s olive industry, take in the vast and dense centuries-old olive groves in the area. The Old Town is extremely well preserved and includes old sites such as Turkish baths, Roman aqueducts, churches, a citadel and King Nikola’s castle. 

Lady of the Rocks


This small town is home to an impressive sixteen palaces, nineteen churches as well as numerous defensive towers, including the Tower of the Holy Cross. Take in its many façades, it’s one-of-a-kind architecture and buildings, as its untouched charms are sure to win any visitor over.  A visit to this town is not complete without a stop at the museum and church located on Our Lady of the Rocks, the most stunning panorama of the bay.