Mystical, folklore and traditional charm

Eastern Mediterranean

For years the West Mediterranean has been celebrated as the central hub of yachting. But in recent years, a new hotspot has emerged – the East Mediterranean. This region retains a mystical, folklore and traditional charm, offering an authentic blend of cultures, ancient histories and cuisine. Successfully melding cosmopolitan living with tradition, each destination is sure to astound one with its hidden secrets. Croatia and its famous Dalmatian Coast is the East Med’s counterpart to the French Riviera. The mesmerising natural and untouched splendour of the Turquoise Coast in Turkey is sure to shock any visitor, while the Greek Ionian Islands transport visitors back in time to a safe, fabled and luxurious past. From world-class cuisine, to vibrant landscapes and juxtaposition cultures, an East Med luxury yacht charter offers everything one needs for an unforgettable vacation.

Natural splendours, vibrant history and culture

Western Mediterranean

The birthplace of modern-day, luxury yachting, there is no other cruising destination in the world like the West Meditteranean. From its breathtaking coastlines and magnificent beaches to its cosmopolitan cities and stunning towns, there is no other location which offers such a blend of natural beauty and varied culture in such close proximity. From the dizzying beautiful landscapes of the Italian Riviera to the delectable cuisine found along the French Riviera and the pristine mile-long beaches of Corsica, there is a good reason the West Med is seen as the pinnacle of glamorous living. Within a week, one can experience its exceptional culinary scene, natural splendours, vibrant history and culture.