Brioni Islands Itinerary



Prior to embarking HAPPY ME guests can enjoy one of the most beautiful historic towns to visit so it comes as no surprise she is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. The maze-like cobbled streets and impressive architecture invite visitors to experience the authentic Dalmatian history


Krka National Park

Krka National Park is known as the gateway to the Kornati islands, standing sentinel where the Krka river flows into the Adriatic. Nestled along the Dalmatian coast, the town of Sibenik is the ideal start, offering a blend of medieval charm and cultural splendour that is hard to beat. These handful of islands has a rich cultural heritage and a superb gastronomic offering.

Day 2

Kornati Islands

The island of Zut, lies within the Kornati Archipelago, though not it’s National park. It is uninhabited and its secluded nature make it the perfect spot to start to truly unwind, enjoy HAPPY ME’s water sports or to sit back with a cocktail before going onshore for an outstanding local meal. The famous restaurant of Festa specialises in local cuisine and seafood and is famous for it’s authenticity and exclusive clientele.

Day 3


Molat is an inviting emerald atop a sea of sapphire. Made gloriously green thanks to thick pine forest and acres of shrubland, the main industries on the island are agriculture, fishing and tourism. Beloved of holidaying royals and those seeking sun-drenched seclusion, Molat embodies untouched escapism.

There is a choice of bays ideally positioned along the shoreline, offering a combination of sand, rock and pebble beaches. Perfect for bathing, swimming and watersports, the seas around this attractive islet make for an unforgettable charter experience

Day 4


The island of Pag is the 5th largest in Croatia and home to the longest coastline. Pag is known for its moon like landscape, strong winds and award winning sheep cheese, Paški sir in which its unique flavour comes from the wind-blown Adriatic sea salt. She is also famous for hosting some of the worlds largest dance music festivals. Drop anchor in a secluded cove to enjoy a morning of snorkelling and kayaking, or head to shore and explore it’s rugged coastline and its blanket of forest by foot or bicycle

Day 5

Moli Losinj

Mali is the stunning harbour town of Losin, the “Island of Vitality”, with it’s vibrant colours and crystal blue waters. Known for its large natural harbour which has a broad promenade. Mali Losinj, the largest town on Losinj Island, is a stunner.

Set at the apex of a long natural harbour and ringed by graceful, gently weathered Mediterranean town houses and green hills, the town straddles both coasts on the narrowest section of the island. A string of imposing 19th-century sea-captains’ houses lines the seafront, and even with the summer tourist commotion, this historic quarter retains its charm and atmosphere

Day 6


Pula is home to an impressive historic arena which sets stage for world renowned artists. With open air terraces, delicious food and a glass of Istrian wine, Pula is a must visit spot. If you prefer exploring the great outdoors, Pula is the perfect place for running or cycling, with trails that wind along its stunning coastline or through its woodlands, which will satisfy even the most intrepid visitor

Day 7

Brioni Islands

The last stop is for sure worth the wait, the untouched Brioni islands are home to a stunning national park and a favourite place for ex-Yu president Tito whos guests included Liz Taylor, Burt Reymolds and many of the worlds leaders. His villa remains and is worth a visit


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