Western Mediterranean

Unspoiled Beauty & Unique Culture


A unique destination, Corsica is French Island located off the coast of Italy. Mixing old with new, the island offers a blend of the laidback lifestyle from the Mediterranean and chic, contemporary French way of living. Located in one of the most mountainous regions in Europe, the island has managed to keep its natural, wild appeal as well as its one-of-a-kind culture that has resulted in Corsican character. Filled with coastal towns, craggy peaks and antique sites, Italian influences are found linked through its language, customs and cuisine. Be sure to visit the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, the city of Ajaccio and its colourful marina. 

Unreal Allure & Delectable Cuisine

Going head to head with the beauty offered by the French Riviera, the Italian Riviera is the birthplace of European civilisation. Home to ruins more than 2,000 years old, Italy is a country steeped in history, cultural heritage and traditions. The Italian Riviera’s coastline is celebrated for its natural landscapes, rugged cliffs and breathtaking hillsides. Its many quaint coastal towns are home to some of the finest cuisines in Italy, so don’t miss out on sampling as much local food and wine as you can, before letting the sunset over its turquoise waters transport you back in time to a simpler time. 

Historic Heritage & Stylish Coastlines

South of France & Monaco

Luring in the affluent, famous and talented for decades, the French Riviera is said to be home of the world’s most refined lifestyle. One of the most popular summer cruising destinations, it is known for its exceptional cuisine, vibrant cultural offering which is deeply rooted in tradition with pristine nature and remote bays. But the real luxurious character of this region comes into its utmost grandeur along its coastlines. The azure waters serve as the ideal backdrop to explore its vast landscape which is filled with metropolitan cities, towering forts and ancient castles.